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We are a local broker and leather goods wholesaler that has nearly a century's worth of experience curing hides. We cure bovine, deer as well as a few specialties. We salt, stack and ship hides as far as Italy and China where they're fashioned into beautiful leather gloves, shoes, wallets and more. We're as popular today as we were in 1862. 


The Last Trading Post on the River


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In 1862 Grand Rapids, Michigan was known for the trading posts dotted along the Grand River. Here at Grand Rapids Hide, you will find a historic building rich with character that includes single tree beams and tradition that runs deep in its workers. Grand Rapids Hide is one of the few full-service hide brokers left in the state. Using longstanding methods of curing, we've been able to keep our old fashioned ways while the city around us has transformed and flourished to the rich and diverse place it is today. Using an average of 40-50 pounds of granulated salt per hide, we take the necessary precautions for each and every hide that comes through our doors, making sure it is ready to be tanned and crafted into something beautiful.

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